Public Service Announcements

Even in the digital age, it happens that public warnings and emergency information does not reach the entire population,
leaving those without mobile phones exposed to avoidable danger.
In some cases people do not heed warnings because they judge the danger to be less acute or have simply not understood the danger.
Warnings are only effective when heard and understood by all concerned and then acted upon.

In situations such as global pandemics there may well be insufficient ways to access everyone – in such extreme situations
we have the option of the drone speaker system CDL-136 to cover even otherwise inaccessible areas.

High powered speaker systems (mobile or installed on vehicles or drones) are the most efficient means of reaching
the greatest number of people with intelligible information.

Range of applications:
Natural disasters, dangerous weather conditions, terror or armed attacks, industrial accidents, chemical accidents and leakages,
traffic accidents, power outages, major fire alarms, pandemics and other major health emergencies, radio active alarms.

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