The 215-EXF-Systems has been developed specifically to keep terrain clear of birds. It is based on a new generation of emitter / transducer with revolutionary results. The output power of this twin module equates to a peak SPL of 148 dB / 1 m.
Damage caused by birds and other forms of wildlife is a global problem, but particularly in aviation – in 2010 the US-Air Force reported 5.000 birdstrikes.
In nature bird numbers are kept in check by natural predators. The EXF system emulates the cries of birds of prey and other natural predators as well as reproducing other danger signals, all combining to induce fear in the resident animal population and encourage them to find a safer and less dangerous environment elsewhere.
The Glock EXF employs specially developed emitters with an extended frequency range of 250 Hz to 12.5 kHz which radiate over a tightly controlled area which also minimises noise spillage into built-up areas nearby to keep any noise pollution to an absolute minimum.

Product: M-415-EXF
Version: Automotive powered speaker system
Frequency range: ± 3 dB 400 Hz to 12,5 kHz
Output: 4 × 80 Watt RMS
Max Output: 152 dB SPL
Peak Output: 154 dB SPL
Input: 1
Power supply: AC 110 Volt to 240 Volt or DC 24 Volt to 30 Volt
Surface Treatment: RAL 1031F
Housing: Aluminium
Dimensions (W × H × D): 525 mm × 580 mm × 270 mm
Weight: 24.00 kg
Temperature Tolerance: - 30° C bis + 70° C (nicht kondensierend)
White Paper: PDF-Download *  Registration required
DIN EN 60529/60849 (VDE 0828)
British Standard (BS) 6840
Network Connection
Sound reinforcement area
➡︎ 890 m × 310 m · 95 dB ➡︎ 137.950 m²
Wirkungsbereich · Effective range
  0.040 m (Pain barrier + 125 dB)
  0.700 m (Communication with ∼ 95 dB)
  2.000 m (Communication with ∼ 85 dB)