The LSA-X-MK1 is a battery powered high performance loudspeaker system with exceptional speech intelligibility and extreme far range capability. Weighing only 6.4 kg makes the LSA-X one of the most performant battery powered systems in its class, worldwide. The three stage AP-LOCK™ system is a unique safety feature protecting users during commissioning and use, from health risks caused by excessive noise.
The use of high efficiency precision loudspeakers in combination with the latest in amplifier, battery and speaker technology, creates the superior performance within such a small package. This system enables you to transmit high quality speech content over distances up to 500 metres, thereby influencing the target audience in the most effective way. The acoustic design of the patented system allows the systems to be arrayed to double the output of the system (+ 6 dB) and effective radius. Modern battery management allows operational battery life to be extended to 6 to 24 hours and for standby use of up to 120 hours.
* (depending on charger system employed – see technical specifications). The optional wireless microphone, located in the allocated opening in the housing allows an operating radius of up to 100 metres.
The optional remote control allows operation even from an undercover position or while on the move. The robust folded aluminium housing has been developed for use by the military, police, fire and emergency services, as well as rescue and disaster relief organisations. Various adjustable Inputs and Outputs enable the connection of many different accessories.

Product: LSA-X-MK1
Version: Mobile High powered speaker system
Frequency range: ± 3 dB 300 Hz to 8 kHz
Peak Output: 134 dB SPL
Max Peak Output: 138 dB SPL
Inputs: 1
Power Supply: DC 14,4 V | international chargers
Surface treatment: black powder coating
Housing: Aluminium
Dimensions (W × H × D): 290 mm × 290 mm × 300 mm
Weight: 6.80 kg
Temperature Tolerance: - 30° C to + 70° C (non-condensing)
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Sound reinforcement area
➡︎ 250 m × 261 m · 95 dB ➡︎ 32.625 m²
Effective range
  0.010 m (Pain barrier + 125 dB)
  0.250 m (Communication with ∼ 95 dB)
  0.800 m (Communication with ∼ 85 dB)